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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> good morning we're following breaking news on this thursday january 29. one person is dead another injured after a shooting abbey crash in philadelphia logan section, we have a live report. >> developing this morning a massive fire at a three-story building in san francisco leaves one dead and 6 hurt. >> first comes the cold and maybe a little bit of snow. storm tracker 6 live hd tracking a clipper system moving into the area tonight. >> two people were killed in a house fire in south philadelphia overnight. it happened on the 400 block of daily street at 1:30 a.m.
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a man in his 50s and woman were killed. "action news" crews are heading to the scene in south philadelphia. >> good morning it's 4:30 on this thursday, let's head to david murphy and talk about the incoming weather and karen rogers to look at the roads. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. everybody we're starting out with clear skies overnight. we'll see early sunshine and clouds are marching in from the west and this evening, we'll see precipitation. the story this morning is the temperature. we've dipped into the dingle digits in allentown and close to it in reading. philadelphia, 24. 19 in wilmington. 19 in trenton. 13 in millville. we're off to a cold start and staying chilly today. 22 by 8:00 a.m. noon # 1 and # p.m., 35 degrees, that's the high
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today, 32 by 6:00. as we take a farther look out to the west on satellite and radar. you can see this area of precipitation, it is snow to the north and mixed precipitation to the center and rain to the south. that combination is heading toward the east coast. looks like this evening we'll get some of that. i'll tell you how much on future tracker 6 in just a couple of minutes. karen, what are the the roads looking like? >> reporter: i-95 at cottman northbound traffic heading toward academy moving okay. all lanes open. watch out for construction northbound between bridge and cottman, that will last a little longer. mlk drive is closed between sweetbrier drive and eakens oval for construction. this will last until 5:00 a.m. stick to kelly or the schuylkill expressway, instead. now, we're looking at the big picture, the speeds are fine, blue route, schuylkill expressway i-95. we have problems withing
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construction crews restricting traffic both ways between mid county and lansdale. the construction 15 minute traffic stoppages. watch for that, because that could cause you a little extra time. >> more breaking news. a puzzle for police as a minivan crashes into a house in philadelphia's logan section two men inside the van were shot and one is dead. eva pilgrim is live at the scene with more. eva? >> reporter: well, matt, what appeared to be a van crashed into a house in the logan section of philadelphia has become a double shooting and homicide investigation. it happened on the 5500 block of north american street. a 20-year-old was getting out of the car when police arrived. he is in critical condition in einstein. the 24-year-old passenger is dead shot in the back of the head.
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take a look at what police found inside the man. not only did they find a gun but they found what appears to be marijuana. police tell "action news" they think the two were shot before the van crashed from inside the van. witnesses report seeing three people running from the area around the van. >> the minute have van did cause structural damage to the private residence. some of the stones and bricks have been damaged and inside the property, the drywall is cracked. there's a crack on the wood floors and the window frame appears to have been displaced. >> reporter: now, l&i has been on the scene and determined that the house is safe for the family to stay. there were five people inside the home at the time of the accident. they were not hurt. we're in logan section, eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." tam. >> thank you for that.
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breaking right now police are investigating an apparent burglary at lululemon in center city. only "action news" was on the scene on walnut overnight. the front door was smashed and clothes were found on the sidewalk. the store has no alarms because power is out since the roof collapsed. police are trying to determine how much merchandise was stolen. a woman is spoking out to "action news" -- speaking out to "action news" about how she and her two of her friends were injured at the lululemon store. she said the experience was traumatic. the show the store roof collapsed. >> i thought i was going to die. we were all emotional and shaken
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up, we're all lucky to be here. it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: the bricks fell on to lululemon. city officials say it was ice and wind that caused the roof to loosen. the wall will be reinforced today using temporary steel bracing. >> the king of jordon agreed to a prisoner swap, but some wonder if it is going to be enough to save the hostages. >> reporter: hanging in the balance the life of this tv correspondent and this pilot. the videos shows kenji goto shackled. >> i only have 24 hours left to live and the pilot has even less. >> reporter: despite u.s. opposition, two countries are japan and jordon are manuverring
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with the terrorists to spare the lives of the hostage. isis want a woman set free a determined killer taken part in a 20005 attack 60 people were killed, many attending a muslim wedding. >> what isis wants to treat them like a state. it's in jordon's interest not to treat them like a state. >> reporter: isis set a new time sunset in iraq. the clock is ticking. >> this is a diplomatic victory for isis. >> reporter: overnight they released this video designed to steer young people away from groups, it shows conflict and execution diswriebled as hell on earth. >> up to now isis has been winning the propaganda war for
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new recruits, stopping that is a critical challenge for washington and the west. abc news, washington. >> developing this morning a massive fire in san francisco at a residential building is deadly. one is dead and 6 others injured. the four-alarmer broke out in the city's mission district at a densely populated neighborhood. the building is used for spaces offices and shops. one person has died and 6 others injured. fire officials say the injuries include smoke inhalation and burns. >> delaware state police are investigating the death of a 10-month-old baby at a delaware day care. troopers responded for the report of an unresponsive baby. the exact cause and manner of death are unknown at this time. a man accused of firing on pennsylvania state troopers
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killing one of them is going to be ray reigned. eric frein is expected to appear by video. it happened outside the blooming grove police barracks back in september. the district attorney announced that's seeking the death penalty. >> happening today, president obama is coming to philadelphia for a democratic gathering. it happening at the sheraton society hill hotel. a large delegation of democrats is holding their annual caucus retreat there. vice president joe biden will attend the meeting tomorrow. happening in philadelphia. governor wolf is scheduled to sign an order on drilling leases. his office said wolf will sign the order at benjamin rush state
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park in philadelphia. the marcellus shale trade group called it a political move. here's a story straight out of pet cemetary. how this florida cat seems to have come back from the dead. david. >> reporter: wow, so we have temperatures that are cold out there, but not a lot of wind. i'm not adding scarves to the picture. tell the kids to stay bundled upped. we have snow coming in tonight and another round early next week and i will have that coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> this florida cat is on the road to recovery after he was mismistakenly buried alive. he was hit by a car and buried. he was banged up, but he is alive. he needed expensive surgery and he lost an eye but he will be able to to go home next week. >> they buried the cat and he got out of the ground. wow. >> reporter: they should have
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been counting his lives going in. apologies to the director because i'm going to be on the old fashioned computer. it's a technical thing. they know what i am talking about so we're off to a dry start not a lot wind, we're very cold. there's no precipitation out there. as we look outside we're looking at the airport and clear skies not a lot of wind, the camera not bouncing around, but it's on the cool side. 24 degrees, the dewpoint, # -- 3, the air for now is dry and crisp. winds are calm, so that's good. as we take a look at future tracker, you know what we're looking at today is sun in the morning and then clouds building as the day goes on. later this evening, we'll be looking at the arrival of snow. rain to the south sleet mixing
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in down here briefly and by 10:00 a.m. between 7 and 10:00 you've got snow showers popping through. later in the overnight hours they start to dissipate. tomorrow we're down to flurries and spotty snow showers in the morning. the models not all on board with the same amounts. in philadelphia you can see there's anywhere from a coating to an inch. we'll go for that range in philadelphia down to wilmington up through trenton. the air up farther to the north in reading and allentown you might get one to two inches, down south sleet mixed in, but mainly rain down there. on the way to that, we have temperatures that will be cool. 22 by 8:00. 34 by 2:00 p.m. the high is 34 before getting down to 33. high temperatures this afternoon could get up to 40 down the
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shore. allentown, 32. the freezing mark, 33. reading and the mid 30s, up and down the i-95 corridor. tomorrow, looks like clouds to start out maybe a couple of lingering flurries or snow showers. the model wants to put the snow showers up in the poconos. we have the chance of sun returning during the day. at the same time colder air is wrapping in. future tracker 6 is showing you at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon 35 degrees. look what happens at 6:00 p.m. and later tomorrow night. colder air rushes. in friday night if you're doing something, it might not feel that bad when you step outside but it will be cold when you you're coming home. today we have sun and clouds, we have a brief period of snow coming in. on friday, windy with flurries possible. 38 is the probable high it's an
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early day high and the temperatures start to plunge, notice i've got the downward aero. overnight night we get down to 11. 26 degrees is the high, 16 is the overnight low. sunday, high of 35. sunday night into monday morning in particular there's a chance of snow or mix. the molds are all over the place, actually the last couple of days on this. at times they want to keep the system to the south and we don't get anything. there's one that says it's going to be mostly snow. sunday night into monday is the time period to watch. >> thanks, david. a montgomery county woman is accused of stealing $11,000 from two scout troops. bellford was the leader of the troops at the time. the troops are trying to figure
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out how to replace the money. >> it's sad because they worked very hard for this. >> reporter: belfolder has been charged with -- bellford has been charged with theft. she has been released on bail. a major impressionist exhibit is heading to the u.s., it's only stop in philadelphia. it will go on display at the philadelphia museum of art. it features more than 80 paintings that help tell the story's rise to prominent. it goes on display here september 13. >> this is kevin lavin the state pointed manager of
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atlantic city, he'll be paid $135,000 a year, that's $100,000 more than don guardian makes. several oil companies have said they are going to have layoffs, as well. falling oil prices sent stocks tumbling wednesday but right now futures seem to be pointing to a higher open. rita's italian ice is going to the desert. they are opening 36 chains in the middle east. the warm climates make it a natural mark for their frozen concoctions. sounds like a good idea. we'll be right back. #
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>> we've got a problem this morning, emergency repairs with a water main break in camden, route 168 mount ephraim avenue near ferry avenue. traffic altering in the northbound lanes until they finish this. expect delays with the emergency repairs going on. in cherry hill, cuthbert
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boulevard closes from 7:30 to 4:00 p.m. this lasts until february 6. stick to 130 that's a big deal. a lot of people take cuthbert boulevard. let's go outside on the schuylkill expressway. we're moving just fine, roads are clear and dry right now. no problems, in fairmont park, mlk drive is closed between sweetbrier drive. stick to kelly or the schuylkill expressway. we had construction on the pennsylvania turnpike, it cleared, and traffic is moving better. we have roving construction crews both ways on the northeast extension between mid county and landsdown. >> we have new information about the airasia crash. the co-pilot was flying the plane when it went down in the java sea. the co-pilot had less flying experience than the pilot was flying while the pilot monitored the flight.
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the crew was all certified. the airasia flight went down in bad weather while flying from indoe northbound i can't from singapore. authorities have recovered 70 bottles so far. a measels outbreak in california has grown to 1,000 cases. 66 students were sent home after not being fully vaccinated for the virus. health officials are keeping tabs on 1,000 people including nearly 200 children who could have been exposed at a phoenix medical center. a man accused of attacking a teenage girl on a septa trolley has surrendered to police. >> a not so special delivery, a ups driver is caught on camera, damaging a package and treating
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someone's house like a bathroom.
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>> new this morning a ups driver in texas is out of a job because he was caught on surveillance video urinating on a customer's house. he to says the package over the fence and damaging everything inside, he goes into the house and began relieving himself. the homeowner called ups and posted the video on social media. ups apologized and said the driver was fired.
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>> tgit thank god it's thursday. on gray's anatomy. it's business as usual. you're looking at gray's anatomy and scandal, what happened when jake goes into the bedroom? i can't wait for this, how to get away with murder. it's the day after sam's murder, we now know what happened, the students are called in to help her find her husband, you can watch all that, tonight on 6abc a lot of people have been waiting. >> 4:58 we're following breaking news, a minivan slams into a house overnight. police quickly realize they have a murder investigation on their hands.
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hi, everybody it's 5:00 a.m., january 29. we're following breaking news. a driver is shot behind


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